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Bruges, Belgium: Adventure Day

So we typically like 3 days in a city, anything after that we usually have too much down time. Knowing this, Ty found us cheap train tickets to Bruges, for the day. It’s apparently the “Venice of Belgium” 🙂 To us, it’s what we think Amsterdam will look like. It was beautiful, everywhere you turned!

We took the morning a bit slow. The boys played some epic Uno, while I got some laundry done, and R has been obsessed with these French Donald Duck comic books that are in the apartment. We left the apartment about 9, and the train took almost 2 hours, which one station change. The odd thing was, at no point did anyone ever check our tickets. Honor system I suppose…

Bruges is a beautiful town. It was fun just to walk around and see the buildings.

Photo overload! We came across another small Christmas Market. Lunch was a few bratwurst, a hamburger, and a hot dog. Before we walked to a playground. I managed to get myself a beer from a local brewery! It was very good, and strong.

Our final sightseeing item was the windmills that used to surround the town. There are now just 4 left. We were all pretty tired by this point. We’d been walking for hours. But we plugged on, and we’re rewarded by watching a barge coming down the canal and a drawbridge lifting up.

European excitement right there!

The windmills were beautiful.

We saw all the windmills and trudged our way back to the train station. It was lovely but our legs were tuckered out!

We were tired and the train was extremely full so we had the kids piled on our laps. But we made it back to Brussels uneventfully. Grabbed some last minute groceries at the market and some burgers and nuggets at the to-go shop. (I’m so ready for some vegetables!) It was a welcome sight to get back to our apartment!

We all walked over 11 miles, and again we are so impressed with how well the kiddos are doing! Everyone earned foot massages with bedtime tonight. 😉

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