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Brussels, Belgium: Adventure Day 2

So we spent a bit of a chilly night in the apartment. I slept in my down vest for part of the night. Ty quickly realized we had no hot water, which is everything for this place! No hot water means, no heat in the radiators. So it was about 30 degrees outside and we had no heat…

I’m sitting at the table, wrapped in a comforter, with my hat on, while having my morning tea. Just a wee bit freezing!!

Ty messaged the host for a bit, also messed with the water heater a bit. But nothing was working. So we bundled up and headed out for adventure for the day. It was also quite cold outside today. A damp, foggy cold.

We took the train to the Atomium museum. It was so foggy we could only see parts of it at a time. Also, strangely enough, it was extremely busy! The line to buy tickets was about 30 minutes long. Then there was another longer line to get into the building. So we weighed, waiting in line for over an hour to have limited visibility, vs. maybe never being back here again. We decided to leave and have waffles instead. 🙂 But we took a few photos first of course!

The subway system here is very impressive. Clean and for Ty, easy to navigate. I enjoy that almost every stop has some sort of artistic element to it. This stop had these beautiful sculptures along the walls.

We hopped off the subway for a playground lunch stop.

Then we made the best discovery, it was a Christmas Market!!!

We walked through all the streets that had booths set up. We managed to find ourselves a few ornaments. That’s our usual go-to souvenir. Then we came across the carousels. Europe has carousels like no where else we’ve ever seen. They’re usually wooden, creative creations, just incredibly put together, and maintained. The kids finally chose their rides, R wanted the crane, and L wanted the flying man. Both were incredible! I’ll try and post a video, so you can see all the options.

I got myself a hot mulled wine, then the kids enjoyed a teeny, tiny city playground. We then went in search of some ‘real’ food. Pasta, a raclette sandwich, and a hot dog, before we treated ourselves to a churro.

It’d be fabulous to end the post here, however it’s real life. We’re now exhausted, it’s late, and we still have to walk home. Thankfully, the subway stop is right in the Market, so we take off from there. But the walk home from our stop was still about a mile from our apartment. R was toast, she was so exhausted, and her little feet were killing her. L though, is a machine. He has so much energy it is incredible! He was racing around, and playing games, while I was pulling R along. We did manage to walk through some beautiful areas though.

All in all I think we walked about 9 miles. The best part was, when we got back to the apartment, Ty messed with the water heater and he got it back on! So we had heat for the night, and it felt wonderful.

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