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Frankfurt, Germany: Adventure Day 2 Christmas Eve

To recap, we missed the Christmas Markets, it’s Monday and not much is open. We decided to have a nice slow morning at the hotel, and didn’t have any plans till hopefully watching a movie in the afternoon.

We walked to a playground, of course.

Then we went to try and find a Catholic Church for Christmas Eve mass. Well, we tried two different churches and they were both closed for construction. What gives, Catholics in Germany? Are you that rich?! We finally had a very nice German man point us in the direction of one that was open.

It was the Dom, we walked through it, and then decided to climb the tower and enjoy the view.

We walked to the movie theater then, just to find out they had none playing in English. Which isn’t totally surprising, but we figured we’d be clueless if we’d tried to watch something entirely in German. Thankfully, a kind gentleman overheard our conversation, and pointed us in the direction of a larger movie theater. We walked there and found out that of course, they didn’t have any more English speaking movies today, but we did manage to buy tickets for Mary Poppins on Christmas Day, in English!

We rode the subway home, and just took a nap prior to Christmas mass. The bells were all tolling as we walked to church. We arrived right at the start time, which is never a good idea for a holiday mass. We were stuck outside the vestibule, until the processional went in. Then once they went in a bunch of tourists came out. We still only managed to make our way into the chapel, to the back of last pews. We were behind a pillar, and couldn’t see anything. It would have been an amazing experience, if we’d had seats and could watch some of it. However, L was falling asleep, R was exhausted, and they both laid down on the floor.

So we lasted through maybe 15 minutes. Which is a bummer but again, such is the life of traveling with kids.

We consoled ourselves with gelato again. So yummy!

We walked past this travel office a few times and this sign cracked me up every time! Come to the real US, go to North Dakota! 🙂

We sprinkled our reindeer food out the window so Santa would find us before bed.

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