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Anchorage, AK to Frankfurt, Germany: Travel Day

So for our 6th Annual Hampton Family International Christmas trip Ty found us some awesome tickets back to Europe. There are so many different countries to explore over here, that this is our third Christmas in a row, and we’re still visiting new locations!

We got a United flight from Anchorage, to Denver. We were able to spend the day in Denver with family. It was an incredible way to break up the long flights. The kids opened presents with cousins, and most of us napped.

We left Denver on a 5:45pm flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Our actual tickets purchased continued on to Reykjavik, Iceland, however when offered the choice between German Christmas markets or Iceland in December, it was a no brainer to hop off early. The key to this, was we didn’t check any luggage. So when we landed in Germany, we just walked off and went through customs.

The flight was only 9 hours. It went as smoothly as we could hope for. R slept on the floor, and L slept across their two seats. The flight attendants didn’t seem to notice/mind. Thank goodness because this allowed us all to get a few good hours of sleep.

Our only speed bump came at the end of the flight. Like has happened before, R got an upset tummy and threw up right as we were landing. Of course our row had zero air sickness bags.

(Please note, Ty’s taking one for the team. Holding a cup of warm vomit. Also after seeing this people around us suddenly produced, air sickness bags!)

L decided his tummy was upset too, but thankfully he never got sick.

Uneventful getting off the plane, and through security. Ty directed us easily through to the train, into Frankfurt Main.

Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we did what all parents do, we found the nearest playground!

Enjoyed some fresh air, and stretching our legs.

We finally get into our room, shower and change clothes which feels amazing after basically 2 days. Then we all lay down for a ‘short’ nap. Ha! That turns into almost 2 hours. And we finally drag the kids out of the hotel about 6pm for a nearby dinner.

Food was good. Being back in Europe feels wonderful. L is currently asleep underneath the pull out couch. His choice! While we wait for R, to get tired. Jet lag is always an experience.

Can’t wait to see what adventures await us tomorrow!

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