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Tutukaka – Auckland, NZ – Anchorage, AK: Travel Day

We let the kids play on the beach in their jammies this morning. They made castles, found beautiful shells, and played with a girl camping next to us. Ty and I finished packing and just enjoyed waking up at the beach for our final day.

We finally packed up and started the long drive to Auckland. Taking a brief break to check out one final waterfall, of course.

These kids have been such good travelers!!

We had to make a stop at Giapo, in Auckland. We read about it, and heard from a few people that their ice cream is amazing. So we tracked it down. They make really incredible sculptures cones. Like a giant octopus, seriously check out the link! But we knew we couldn’t eat that much so we went with the reasonable sized cups. It was SO yummy by SO rich!! I couldn’t even finish mine. Definitely worth checking out!

We had a bit of a scramble at the RV return. Just because I was unloading everything while Ty was trying to get a massive discount from them for all the issues we had. In the end, we got the discount and managed to catch the very last shuttle to the airport!

Security was a breeze. I’m bummed I didn’t take any pictures of the lounge we went to prior to our flight. It was maybe the nicest one yet! Nice and large so we don’t feel like we’re on top of other people. Good food, not just snacks. Wonderful drinks for grown ups and kids. It was a perfect recharge prior to starting our long journey home.

We made it on the plane and get settled into our Sky Couch!

The Sky Couch is perfect if you’re traveling with kids. But just know, if you can’t sleep sitting up right you’re probably not going to sleep. 😕 There’s definitely not enough room for three to lay down. But hey, I’m used to being up for several days when we travel. 🤪

Waiting to board in Seattle and Linc just couldn’t quite make it.

All in all, it was a very long journey home. But uneventful, which is how we like them. So very thankful we had another amazing adventure with my kiddos. They truly are the best travelers!

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