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Paihai – Tutukaka, NZ: Adventure Day

Like usual we took our time over breakfast. We had hope to dive/snorkel in Paihai by they had no one else interested yesterday or today. So we decided to head to Tutukaka since they dive 7 days a week. We stopped in Kawakawa so the kids could play at a playground and Ty could empty to necessaries. It was a wonderful sunny day and no rain clouds in sight.

We then headed for Abbey Caves, in Parva Bay. These caves are very rough, enter at your own risk caves! But if you can make it, you’re rewarded with more glowworms. However, with all the rain NZ has had lately, these caves were not only very tricky to get into, they were extremely muddy, and the water level was too high for exploring. So we didn’t see much, got quite muddy, but enjoyed our somewhat adventure.

We drove an hour and half to Tutukaka, and found our free campsite on the beach. It’s still quite chilly, the waters around 64 degrees Fahrenheit. But we brought the kids shortie wetsuits and they ran right in! Lots of shells to collect and some neat outrigger kayakers to watch. We’re trying to eat up the food in the RV so dinner in again. It was lovely hearing the sound of the waves as we all went to sleep.

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