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Paihai, NZ – Adventure Day 2

I think the key feature of our last week has been ‘lazy mornings’. We let the kids do some school apps on the electronics while Ty and I read. Ty then took off for a long run while the kids and I continued to laze and then slowly got ready for the day. Then L wanted to go running with me, so he and I ran to the playground. Ty and R walked to meet us, then I went off on my own, much shorter exploratory run.

The sun was shining. We were all wearing T-shirt’s and shorts. It felt wonderful! About two minutes after I returned to the playground, the clouds rolled in and it started to rain. We had only brought our raincoats. So we gave those to the kids and walked as quick as we could into town.

We wandered through their handful of gift shops before finding a little cafe for lunch. The rain continued off and on so Ty ran back to get the camper while the kiddos and I shopped a bit more.

We drove up to Huka Falls and then to Rainbow Falls. Both were only 5 minute walks but we wanted to get out of the camper. On the way down to Rainbow Falls L wiped out on the trail, and skinned his knee and his nose. Normally he’s a pretty tough kid but seeing the blood seemed to completely freak him out. You’d think he was mortally wounded the way he was carrying on. So we headed aback to the campsite.

Everyone needed a shower so we used the campground facilities. They must have thought we were beating L with the way he was screaming about his wounds. 🙄 Everyone survived and no one came to check on us. 😁 L had to be restrained to put a bandaid on his scraps then things finally began to settle down.

We cooked some dinner in the camper, wrote some postcards to friends, and the kids were asleep by 7pm. Ty and I watched some shows and that was a very relaxing day of vacation!

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