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Rotorua NZ – Adventures Day 2

Ty called the RV company early in the morning. They we actually helpful this time and sent a mobile mechanic to us! He was able to give us a new secondary battery and fixed our broken headlight. Finally something was going right!

I had read about a cafe where they have cats you can pet. So that’s where we went first thing in the morning. Fancy Meow Cat Cafe is New Zealand’s first pure bread cat cafe. 😆 The cats were super snuggly like you’d hope. L spilled his hot cocoa on the floor in our first ten minutes there. So it wasn’t the greatest start. But after a bit R and L found some cars to play with and we got our fill of pets in. It made us all miss having a cat at home.

On our way back to the RV we let the kids play at a playground and had a picnic lunch for an hour or so.

R was again trying to entice the birds. 😁

We knew we needed to go shopping for presents for R. Her birthday is he next day and we wanted to make it special. Our plan was to find a mall and Ty would keep her busy and L and I shopped. However, we couldn’t find it, and ended up at Kmart. This turned out to be exactly what we needed! We got decorations for the RV. L picked out a necklace, headbands, and sticker earrings. Then as R was looking at their off brand “American Girl” dolls, Ty realized they were quite cheap. So we let her pick one out for her big present. She is so excited, and her doll has an explorer theme so we like that.

After our big Kmart splurges we drove to the Redwoods in Whakarewarewa Forrest. It was incredible! The trees are magnificent. The trails were wonderfully maintained. Separated between hikers, bikers, and horse trails.

After the Redwoods we went back to the big RV campsite. The kids played on the playground, bounce pillow, and tether ball set. I cooked some dinner and Ty went for a run. He took these awesome photos while we was out. It was a wonderful evening.

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