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Taupo NZ – Adventure Day 2

We woke up in a normal temperature RV! It wasn’t overly warm but we weren’t freezing. Yay for small victories. We took our time over breakfast and then went next door to the AC Baths. It’s a pool complex with a large outdoor pool, 2 toddler areas, 2 lane pools, an indoor learn to swim pool, 2 hydroslides, a Tarzan swing, 4 private mineral pools, a sauna, and a cafe. šŸ˜³ The water was perfectly warm and clean. The kids loved the Tarzan swing. L perfected his diving. Both kids are total fish!

We stayed till everyone got hungry. Showered and realized we’d lost R’s new goggles. Annoying. Ate lunch in the camper and then raced up to Huka Falls dam. They release it at certain points in the day, it’s supposed to be impressive. We think we missed the actual release. It was hard to tell. šŸ˜

We then tried to see the glass blowers at Lava Glass but they were just taking their lunch break.

So we tried to go to Huka Honey Hive to see a bee exhibit but they were closed for staff training! šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø Three strikes!

We decided to go hike around Huka Falls for a bit. They can’t close the hiking trails, at least.

The kids tried to entice the birds to land on them. R’s been working on this bird goal for months now! Still no luck.

We saw a jet boat and river boat cruise. Then R directed me in a photo shoot.

The hydroslides opened in the afternoon at the pool so we took the kids back and let them slide for an hour or so. They were the only ones!

We left the pools after 5pm, went back to our campsite, and made a simple meal from leftovers. We let the kids watch a show on the iPad before bed.

Another busy but relaxing vacation day!

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