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Baltimore Maryland Spring Break ‘18 Part 2

So we left Honolulu in the evening and flew to Seattle. Hung out in the Alaska lounge, eating breakfast for a while. Then boarded our plane for Baltimore. After another wonderfully uneventful flight we landed in Baltimore. They were way past 20 minutes on our luggage so Ty was thrilled. We requested our 2,500 miles for each delayed bag. The only reason we travel with 4 bags on Alaska. 🙄 But it adds up!

The main reason for our trip to Baltimore was to visit a college buddy of Ty’s. Brad and Claire live there with their three amazing kiddos. E is close to R’s age. Z is close to L’s age. Then they have cutie little O. It’s wonderful traveling to meet other families. Every time we were together the kids played beautifully, instant besties, and the grown ups got to catch up.

Brad picked us up at the airport and took us to dinner at a food hall, the Mount Vernon Marketplace. It’s basically a grown up food court with all sorts of yummy food options. Ty and R had amazing burgers. L had handmade pasta, and I had guacamole and chips. Brad then dropped us off at our hotel, just around the corner and we all crashed.

The next morning we arranged to meet at the Maryland Science Center. This was a huge hit with the adults and kids alike! We left for a bit after lunch to try and play at a nearby playground. However, it was way too windy and cold for everyone. So we actually headed back to the Science Center and explored some more till it closed.

We went back to the Mount Vernon Marketplace for dinner. So nice with multiple kids and adults!

The next day we arranged to go check out Climb Zone. It was AWESOME!

We went back and hung out at Brad and Claire’s. Picked up some sushi burritos for dinner. Amazing!! Then crashed back at our hotel.

Our final day in Baltimore we went to the National Aquarium. I will say, Ty and I were rather hesitant about visiting. We’ve been to enough ho-hum aquariums but Claire had some coupons. That made it affordable, so we went for it. I’m so glad we did! This aquarium is incredible!!

We even got to see a sawtooth shark, which is still a huge highlight for me!

Afterward we grabbed some Chick-fil-a and walked back to our hotel. Claire graciously offered to take us to the airport so R and E could get a bit more time together. Fast friends!

We had wonderfully uneventful flights and were back home in no time.

It definitely seemed a bit silly to make two cross country destinations for our spring break but I’m so glad we went for it. Always a fun adventure!

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