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Boston Adventures & Travel to Anchorage Day

We had a lazy morning with breakfast at the hotel. Ty took the kids to the pool while I caught a nap. Needed one after my terrible night of sleep.

By the time I came down the boys we’re done but R had made some friends and stayed in the pool playing for a while longer.

After leaving the pool, we packed up and headed for the airport.

We went luxurious with our luggage on this trip. Everyone got their own suitcase. Largely in part because Ty was banking on getting some extra mileage from Alaska’s 20 minutes guarantee. This paid off for us on our return flight actually and we got 10,000 bonus miles!

The flights home were uneventful but beautiful. I was lucky enough to get upgraded Boston to Portland. Yay for solo flying time!

Portland has a great kids area. We burned a bit of energy there before grabbing our flight home.

Tired kiddos waiting on our luggage. That’s a 10,000 mile wait right there! 😉

This was a ridiculously short but fun trip!

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