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Boston Adventures – Day 1

The kids amazingly slept in till 9! We had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before we called Uber and headed to the Museum of Science. Ty researched things to do in Boston before our trip and since we’ve done most of the tourist activities this sounded perfect for us. There was so much to see here we only glimpsed a portion of it and we were there from about 11 till it closed at 6.

We watched an Imax movie about China, a constellation movie hosted by Big Bird and Elmo, a juggling show about nanos and molecules, and a lightening/electricity show. In addition to the shows we checked out a hands on science lab, kids play areas, dinosaur displays, and so many others!

We left and walked down the street to an Indian restaurant we found. It was pretty good! Then we Ubered back to the hotel.

R was pretty quick to fall asleep. On the floor in front our room door. 🙄 Linc didn’t fall asleep till about 9. I was trapped in our room trying to watch the Olympics with the sound off, while he was trying to fall asleep. Hotel life is glamorous!

Of course the time change then got me and I couldn’t fall asleep till 2am. Who said a weekend one the East Coast would be easy?!

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