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Stockholm to New York to Anchorage Travel Day

I’m so terrible about finishing blogging about our trips in a timely manner. Sorry for leaving everyone hanging, I’m sure you’re all on pins and needles. Wondering, how did the Hamptons end their trip?! Did L get sick again?! πŸ˜‰

Well the answer to the last question is yes! πŸ™„ L thankfully slept through the rest of the night. Came downstairs for breakfast and puked into the trash can again! Ugh! But the bright side is, this was his last puke for the rest of the journey home.

We finished packing up. Tried to throw the rest of the laundry in the wash for the owners. We also sent them a message giving them an apology and a heads up on the laundry situation. Everyone else had breakfast and we bid Papa goodbye. His flight left earlier than ours so we went off to the Pippi Longstocking Museum.

Love teenage boy humor like this πŸ˜†

We rode the Stockholm City ferry around the bay again.

We walked to the Junibacken Museum which to us translated to a kids play area and Pippi Longstocking Museum. Our kids are big fans of the Pippi Longstocking audio book so we knew this would be a great way to spend the morning before we headed back to the airport.

Try and find R.

These gnomes were beautiful!

This room was filled with little sets based on popular Swedish Childrens stories. Other than knowing that, we were clueless. It also seemed geared more towards 4 years and younger. R was a bit old for it all.

There was a neat room that the floor was made to look like the ceiling and had a mirror opposite it. This lead to some fun photos.

They had a play sized Villa Villa Koola (Pippi’s House)

They had this ride on story ‘train’. They could program the language you wanted so we could actually understand the story. It was totally weird too. Brothers who died and lived in another world and died again I think. πŸ€” But again the ride was neat and the set up for the story scenes was very detailed.

We then saw a performance comedy/singing duo perform about the Swedish alphabet. It was quite entertaining even though we could only capture the jist of it.

After that we left and walked back to the bus station.

Again, aside from our Patagonia duffle, you can see all our luggage here.

We got the bus right away and enjoyed the silence and our kids listened to Harry Potter.

Our flight left about 6pm and after a few hours the kids both passed out. Please note L always had his seatbelt on. πŸ˜‰

We landed in New York about 11pm and by the time we got to the hotel it was after midnight and we all just crashed. Neither Ty or I had slept on the flight.

Amazingly we woke up about 8 and left pretty refreshed. Headed back to the airport. Enjoyed some breakfast in a lounge before boarding our Virgin America flight to LA. Ty wanted to try their service since Alaska Airlines took them over. It definitely wasn’t as smooth as Alaska Airlines. They didn’t recognize our member status. We didn’t get the premium seats. Which really matter because otherwise you pay for food and drinks! After some finagling Ty managed to get one premium seat. Which he offered to me but it was a middle bulkhead and I just prefer the aisle. What was nice was he was able to order unlimited food so he went crazy and ordered like ten things from the menu!

Thankful for another uneventful flight we didn’t have much time. But we still made it to the Alaska lounge, grabbed a small salad. The LA lounge is slim pickings usually (sounding as snobby as I can) ☺️ before we boarded our flight to Seattle.

Another super quick and uneventful flight. Then Seattle we hopped right back onto our same plane, in our exact same seats but with a new crew. That’s how I know we had been flying too long! We were finally headed home to Anchorage.

We got home at a decent time, about 7pm I think. Which is crazy when you think of the shear number of flight hours we’d accomplished in two days!

As wonderful as these trips are it’s always so nice to be home!

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