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Prague Adventures – Day 3

Our last full day in Prague and we had no real agenda. We woke up slowly and when everyone was dressed we went back to the most amazing pancake house, Den Noc. It was just as delicious!

We then decided to hit up some playgrounds and walked around the city center a bit.

We had a snack of a potato tornado along with some corn on the cob.

We walked across the Charles Bridge again. The religious statues lining either side are quite something to see.

This playground is right below the bridge.

We through the streets along the river and brought some old muffins to feed the swans again. R was feeling much braver this time!

On our way to another playground the kids were excited to see the baby bun statues again. It’s the little things in life. 😆

< On our way back to the playground on Shooter's Island. < With a slow meander back to our apartment. Like I said we had no real plans for today. < We gave the kids a bath. Ty and I packed us as best we could. This was the worst leg of our trip for loosing things. L had a pair of pants get left behind in Bratislava. L lost a mitten and his sunglasses. Ty lost his winter hat. 😕 Except for the pants we figured we must have lost these things while we were out walking. Fallen out of a pocket or from the stroller. Since we are usually very good about double checking ourselves before leaving anywhere. But such is life. Ty found us a wonderful Italian restaurant just around the block from our place.

The we treated the kids to one more cone while Ty and Papa enjoyed the ‘turtleneck’ special again.

R was pretending to be the Statue of Liberty. 😍

After the desserts were enjoyed we walked back to our apartment and got everyone settled into bed. We had an early alarm in the morning to make our 9am flight to Stockholm!

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