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Prague Adventures – Day 2

I’m so thankful I woke up feeling back to normal today. Everyone had some cereal (I had a chocolate roll) and we headed out with a goal of seeing the castle today.

We walked across the city center, and over the beautiful bridge again.

Ty being the smart man he is recommended we get breakfast #2 for the kids before heading into the castle since there may not be food there, and L is hungry like every ten minutes. We stopped at a little side street cafe and had a super yummy breakfast of ham, eggs and toast. The building it was in had been around since the 15th century. It was beautifully restored and I loved how they incorporated the old brick with the new.

We started our way up the hill again to the castle. Always stopping for a photo shoot.

Right outside the gates the views of the city were incredible.

We went inside to get tickets and this began a 30 minute meltdown of epic proportions for L. He wanted a snack and I told him he had to wait since we had just eaten breakfast ten minutes earlier. šŸ™„ This set him off to start fussing and screaming so we wouldn’t let him in the stroller with that behavior.

Well it snowballed till we had to remove him from a church we had attempted to see since the employees were freaking out at us. Papa, R, and I went into the church to see it while Ty stayed or with L.


Ty said everyone was staring at them since L was screaming and fussing. A wonderful local woman even came over and tried to console L in Czech. šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø I took over after coming out of the church and after about five more minutes I was finally able to distract L a bit. We found the entrance to the church’s tower and he seemed to have calmed enough he wanted to climb it. That seemed to be the end of the freak out, thank goodness! Both kids climbed the tower and enjoyed seeing the big church bells on the way up.

– The views from the top were incredible!

– We climbed down and then it was finally time for a snack. That also seemed to help attitudes. Though how those kids were hungry after the multiple breakfast I have no idea. But we’ve learned, especially while traveling alway have snacks! Food can make a big difference.

We explored the grounds a bit more. They had a big exhibit on the building of the castle and it’s evolution.

– Papa and I then decided we needed to get out of the cold for a bit so it was lunch break at the nearest cafe. They served the best hot chocolate! It was like rich liquid chocolate. No Swiss Miss for them, and it had homemade whipped cream. The kids had yummy chicken strips, while Ty and his dad ate some local fare, schnitzel and goulash.

– After warming up and filling our bellies we headed back out the front gate and continued up the hill. Ty wanted to explore the Petrin Tower, and he’d read there was a mirror maze as well.

The walk up the hill was a bit steep. But again the views are worth it. So neat to be able to look out over the city. We decided against paying to climb another tower. You can see it over Ty’s shoulder here.

– We did pay for the mirror maze. It sounded really fun. It was the oldest mirror maze in Europe, over 100 years.

– The maze part was quite short. I think we’re all just used to things on a bigger scale now. But you can see the woodwork was beautiful. What R especially loved was the fun house mirror area. She was cracking up like mad! Ty tried to capture a few gems of us all.

– After the mirror maze we found a playground right next door to the Funicular.

– We then took the funicular down the hill.

– They’re always a fun little ride. From here we walked to the John Lennon wall. Basically a wall with his photo spray painted on it and graffiti all over it.

– We walked back to the city center and found a little Mexican restaurant. The food was really good! Afterwards we got the kids small ice cream cones.

– Walked home, let the kids play a bit before getting them to bed at a decent hour. Ty and I did some laundry. I’ve been blogging and it’s now 9pm. Happy to have a bit of time to relax before calling it a night.

Tomorrow is our last day in Prague and we don’t have any set plans. R requested getting her portrait done. šŸ˜† It’s nice having a bit of an openday.

Added: Ty just informed me we did 17,000 steps today!! No wonder we’re freaking tired!

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