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Prague Adventures – Day 1

Papa slept in today and since it was Sunday I asked Ty to find out what time mass was near by us. He found a close church that showed a 10am mass so we got dressed and headed out. We walked across the square and were sad to see they were taking down the Christmas market. Our first night here. When we only got a glimpse of it would be our only experience with it.

The church Ty found was beautiful but I had my doubts it was Catholic.

Then the female pastor comes out and I knew for sure it wasn’t! But we stayed and prayed for about 15 minutes. It was cold in that open stone building but they had heated church pew pads and those big outdoor space heaters. The kids read through all the books they got and started to get restless. We didn’t know what they were saying, let alone what we were praying for so we decided to leave. We tried to find another church but all appeared to be done with mass.

So after some quick research Ty found us this amazing and tiny pancake restaurant, called Den Noc right around the corner from our apartment.

We’re already planning on going back on Tuesday. They warned us they would be closed on Monday. ☺️

From there we explored the city square a bit.

< We walked across a beautiful bridge and found a large group of swans. Some people were feeding them and L was trying his best to pet them. R really wanted to but she was freaked out by how aggressive they were. < I found an old granola bar we had that no one wanted so we feed that to the swans to get a little closer to them. They were huge! < R was so proud she actually touched one. πŸ˜„ We walked from there across the city. Why does it seem that most bridges in Europe people feel the need to put locks on?

I loved this nativity. Also check out the blond curls on Jesus!

Found some random statues.

Took some selfies by a cool bridge on Shooter’s Island. L was feeling a bit grumpy so we went with it!

Then we found a small playground that the kids had a blast at. We pretended each section of the ropes course was some new and terribly dangerous situation, volcano, crocodiles, ravenous tiger, and such. Made a simple playground much more entertaining!

We continued alone the edge of the river to an area called Nove Mesto. Everywhere you looked the buildings were incredible. Such details and colors.

We found another playground for the kids. This one on Slovansky Island. This one was better but it was starting to get quite cold so Ty and I moved them along after maybe 15 minutes of playing.

We were slowly making our way back to the apartment but found a super market and stopped for some supplies or the apartment, sandwiches, and donuts for lunch.

We decided to go to another nearby playground and have our lunch there. This playground seemed awfully babyish to us but don’t discount the kids imagination. They had a great time on the three things that were there.

So we ate and let the kids play for a bit before I started to get very cold. We bundled up and headed for the apartment. Making a brief stop for Ls first visit to Hooters! 😳 Just so we could all use the bathroom of course. Thank goodness for those nice waitresses! πŸ˜†

t a nap on the way back in the carrier. We tried to encourage R to nap since we knew it’d be a late night but she wasn’t having it. We got back to the apartment about 4pm and I laid down. Tried to take a nap since I wasn’t feeling that great but napping with kids barging in and out of the room isn’t really a possibility. While I rested a bit Ty researched what shows that evening might be best for all of us to see. A few people had recommended the black light theaters. Ty found one loosely based on Alice in Wonderland so he booked us the 7pm show which was about the earliest he could find.

The show we saw was called Aspects of Alice. It was supposed to be based on the relationship Lewis Carrol had with the sick girl he based Alice on. Honestly the show was a bit trippy/psychedelic. The kids were hoping for something more Alice in Wonderland so trying to explain what it actually was, was hard. But they did good and enjoyed most of the performance. There was a bit with some clowns that had them laughing out loud they loved it so much.

Afterwards they like to show the audience how the show is created. R volunteered to be a helper and they had her dress up as a clown and perform the stunt. It was SO cute! I have a video of it but no idea how to attach it.

is her after the show with Alice and the main clown.

the drindl came back again for last nights show. Gotta look you best when going to a performance right?!

We walked the kids home with Papa and it was about 9pm. Gave them some cereal and left them in Papa’s capable hands to get them to bed. Ty and I took off for a date night!

After being propositioned for some weed right outside our apartment we decided to head into the square and look for food. Neither one of us was that hungry so we actually just grabbed hot dogs from a local vendor. We’re so fancy!

e our meal out took all of ten minutes we decided to go explore, the kids weren’t in bed yet so why go home?

eautiful everywhere you go! I also worked on my ‘tourist’ pose.

hen grabbed a local specialty before heading back to the apartment. They’re called Trdelnik, but I just translate it to turtlenecks. πŸ˜‰ These are made of dough that are wrapped around a large dowel which is then cooked over charcoal. Rolled in cinnamon and sugar then filled with either chocolate sauce, apple strudel, ice cream, or topped with homemade whipped cream and fruit. So good!!

– After devouring one and giving the other to Papa, Ty and I ended the day relaxing with some Stranger Things on Netflix. It was a long but wonderful day!

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