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London to Vienna Travel Day

We had a bit of a leisurely morning since we woke up before our alarm. Showered and packed up before getting the hotel breakfast. We left the hotel about 10am and walked to the tube closest to our hotel. It was finally running again after being under maintenance, the entire time we’ve been here. With one easy transfer we made it quickly to Gatwick Airport. So much faster than on our way into the city! This was also after Ty having four days of experience with the tube by now.

We got checked in and through security with no issues. Tried to get into the lounge and they were at capacity. So we found some seats and settled in for about an hour. The kids watched some shows on the iPad and Ty and I caught up on phone stuff. Another bonus part of this credit card with the lounge passes is the ability to have free food credit and certain restaurants. So we grabbed some muffins, bagels and yummy breakfast foods before our flight. Then showed our Priority Passes and voila free food! No really it’s something more exact than that. 😄 A certain dollar amount or such and such but really the credit card details aren’t my thing. I’ll have Ty write all this up in a post.

We boarded our British Airways flight and it was under two hours to get to Vienna. Again, nothing was free. Not even water. It’s all credit cards too so if we did want to buy a bottle of water for 2£ it seems silly to charge for that small of amount. A bit frustrating. But the kids were happy since they’d finally earned their chocolate frogs!

< The kids threw a fit when we had them stop watching the iPad for a potty break. We were starting to land so Ty put his foot down and took away the iPad. So we definitely had some fussy kids for the last bit of the flight. But hoping it leads to better behavior in the long run. 🤞🏻 Parenting while traveling, why don't we get a vacation too?! Landed in Vienna and got through customs with no issues. Ty's dad, Bob was waiting for us right outside customs and the kids were over the moon to see him! I think they were excited to have someone else to talk to. Bob had arranged for a driver to take us to the hotel. Such luxury! Walking to the car we were surprised how mild the temperature felt. We had a heavier long sleeve on and that's all that was needed. The hotel set us up on the same floor but couldn't get us near each other. Bob took the kiddos in his room and Ty and I got a room to ourselves! Traveling with grandparents can rock. We walked around the corner to a little Italian restaurant. The food was wonderful but it took over an hour to get our meal! Surprising since there were no other customers in there.
ick walk back to the hotel and everyone called it a night.

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