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London Adventures – Day 3

This was going to be our big sightseeing day. We set an alarm to wake up by 7. No one was happy about the alarm but breakfast at the hotel was nice and calm at least. Then we set off for the London Tower. We read it gets crazy during the day so we wanted to be there right as it opened. We got there about 30 mins after it opened and it was just fine. We ended up leaving our stroller just inside the entry gate and walked around the whole outer wall/walkway.

We saw the Crown Jewels. They are incredible!! The diamonds were huge. The crowns numerous. Just not something you get to see every day. Then we came across a live performance they had on the grounds. The king and queen came through as well as their fool and entourage. The kids loved that part.

After exploring all of the grounds we grabbed a quick lunch nearby and walked to the Tower Bridge (aka what everyone calls London Bridge). You get to go up into the towers and walk across them. They have fun clear floor portions so you can see down into the road and water. Touristy but very neat. At some point L was using my phone to take pictures too.

From there we walked along the River Thames till we got to the Monument. Which we of course had to climb up!

Afterwards we stopped for a snack break then went to the Transportation Museum, which we’d heard time and again the kids would love. This Museum was fun! The kids got a map with locations of different stamps for them to find. This kept them on the hunt and the museum offered a great hands on glimpse of the different modes of travel through the ages in London. Very cool to explore and we left with some fun artwork.

We closed it down at 6pm and found our way to a small little indian restaurant. Everyone had happy tummies so we hopped on the tube and got everyone to bed. Where thankfully it was a quick bedtime routine before everyone was asleep.

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