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London Adventures – Day 2

We slept in a bit today which was really nice! After breakfast at the hotel which was a total mad house. Like as soon as staff would bring something out it’d be gone in 30 seconds and they ran out of clean cups and plates. 😬 We managed to get enough to feed ourselves and then headed to the tube. Our goal today was the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland! We knew today was pretty much all for the kids. It’s a giant amusement park that has free entry but you pay for each ride or game or show. We booked ourselves the Cinderella on Ice show first.

< It was pretty good. Nothing outstanding. But the fairy godmother on stilt skates was impressive. Afterwards we went to say hello to Santa! R was a bit shy, but L raced right up to see him. Both kids were asking for more presents since Santa only seems to bring them little presents that'll fit into our suitcase. ☺️

After chatting up the big guy we walked around a bit before going to our second show. The circus! We were all pretty excited about this since Ty is the only one who’s actually been to the circus before. We were able to snag front row seats which was fun. I think we had high hopes for this show as well but again it was a bit of a let down. A singer with some so-so whip and lasso skills, a group of acrobats, a magician that seemed to flub his underwater trick, a somewhat entertaining clown type person, and probably the best was a tiny Italian guy who flipped up and down in a giant rotating metal wheel. But the kids got a kick out of it and it was fun to see with them. I’ll probably still say that we haven’t attended a real circus though.

Our last ticketed item was to ride the big wheel they had. We looked into riding the London Eye and it was super expensive and we’ve done these in other cities so we figured we’d compromise on the smaller wheel at Wonderland. We had a great view of the amusement park and a bit of the city. But mostly we enjoyed sitting down, and having a snack break.

Before we left we let the kids pick out one ride. The two roller coasters R really wanted to ride she or L wasn’t tall enough for so we talked them into some Fireman’s funhouse. Again, they enjoyed it. Which was the point of this whole place!

After that we called it a day for the Wonderland and took off across the park.

Ty had read that some museums stay open late the last Friday of the month. So we were hoping to get some Museum time in.

Both kiddos fell asleep on the walk over. Also the museums apparently don’t stay open late in December. So we had about an hour to do a quick run through the Science Museum since the kids were still sleeping.

After waking up two grumpy kiddos we scrambled to find dinner close by. It was a super busy area and we ended up grabbing sushi takeout and eating next door in the Starbucks because it was the only place with seating for four. Whatever at that point we were going bonkers with hunger!

Food in our tummies we headed back to the tube and the hotel. I proceeded to crash by 9pm but apparently the kids wanted to stay up late and chat. I was woken up at 11pm to a kiddo being tossed into my bed and Ty separating them with the consequence of no more desserts while we’re in London. Ah, the dreaded fall out from too long of a nap. Everyone eventually feel asleep except for myself. I was then up till 2:30am! Time change, jet lag, and hotel rooms with kids are a brutal combination for a nights sleep.

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