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New York City Adventures

Oh my, we did all the walking today! Over 21k steps (roughly 10 miles)!!! And I’d say 90% of that was just in Central Park. What an impressive space.

We moved over to our new hotel and grabbed a donut breakfast along the way. Then we headed up to explore Central Park.

You can see our luggage situation here. Just one small carry on, the kids backpacks. Ty’s is under the stroller and he’s wearing our other ‘Big‘ bag. That’s it and so far we’re really happy with what we’ve brought and how it’s working.

We immediately stopped at the first playground we saw. Apparently there are about 20 of them in Central Park. I think we played at 5 of them. And we were there all day!

We looked at the skate rink (we’re too cheap to actually rent skates!) 😆

<<< andered to a few more playgrounds before I really started to freeze. I had on two wool under layers, a heavy long sleeve fleece, a down vest, a puffy coat, a rain coat and two pairs of pants! Plus hat and mittens of course. Still was getting cold. So we found a place to have lunch off the Upper East side of the park. Warmed up with some yummy food and hot tea. Then we loaded the kids back up and they immediately fell asleep. Ty with L on his back and R bundled under Ty's raincoat in the stroller. <<< y and I took advantage of the quietness and were able to put some more miles in through the park. We found the Alice in Wonderland statue. <<< h the pond across from it you always see people sailing toy boats on in the movies. <<< ade our way to the lake in the upper part of the Park. <<< ent quickly past a few more playgrounds till we figured an hour nap was long enough and woke the kiddos up. <<< layed for a bit before everyone was starting to get cold so I took over L carrying duty and we started our way back to the hotel. Stopping for one more playground break on the way of course! We lounged in the hotel and tried to let the kids watch something on the Cartoon Network but everything was terrible. L kept asking us to skip it. Can you tell we don't have regular tv at home? 😄 Ty did some online research and found us this yummy sounding restaurant for authentic New York pizza. But when we got there the line was out the door. So we ended up at his second choice 99 cent pizza which we just took back to the hotel room.

This was actually super good!! Also a totally wonderful and stress free way to end the day. Early to rise tomorrow to catch our flight to LONDON!

Had a wonderful but very small taste of New York. Would have loved to have done more but no complaints about all we managed to see.

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