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Brisbane Adventures – Day 2

So much accomplished today!! Such a fun day of ‘Australia’ing’ (yes that’s totally a thing)

After another wonderfully slow morning of enjoying a cup or two of tea and reading endless fairytale stories we made our way out by late morning.

We went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

We got there just in time for the sheep dog show.

Then we toured the grounds and listened to the talk given on koalas. Well I️ attempted to listen since L was determined to throw a fit during most of it. 🙄

We watched their neat Raptor show. Had to keep explaining to L that we weren’t going to see dinosaurs. Those are velociraptors not raptors, like birds. 😆

After the show we went into the kangaroo and emu feeding area. This was AMAZING!

L wanted to feed the kangaroos so Ty bought some feed and we wandered back into the field a bit. This is where we happened to come across a group which had three mamas with joeys in the pouches!! It was so incredible to see how much those punches can stretch!

They were so docile and soft!!!

Look at that little head!

We were just relaxing and enjoying all this incredible nature when up bounds this large male right in between Ty and Nana!

Then off he bounds. So graceful and strong!

We’re gathering up to leave and Ryder decides she wants to hold the koalas again. I’m all for it but no one else is interested so we get tickets and jump in line.

Then it was my turn again. I’m in heaven, they’re so cuddly and soft!

(Possible Koala boob grab going on there! Who knew?!)

Afterwards of course L wanted to hold one but we were leaving so it was too late. A fit was thrown. Always nice to end on a high note! But then he wanted to show me his grump face in the sign and this is what I got.

We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal of chicken nuggets with fries and gravy at Red Rooster 😆

agh the house the family was all there. The dad was working on his dirt bike and offered the kids a ride. Only L took him up on it, and loved it!

what R had been looking forward to all trip with a ride on their horse, Taffy. She was nervous but loved it and asked for another loop around the house.

ied the horse too, but declared the dirt bike better!

r the rides everyone wanted a swim in the pool. The kids were having splash contests so of course Ty got in on the challenge. They played till it was late. Another dinner of leftovers and then R was invited for a sleepover with the girls. It lasted till about 11pm and then she slept in Nana’s room. But it was an extremely fun filled day.

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