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Brisbane Adventures – Day 1

We had a very quiet morning at the house. We slept in past 7 for the first time all vacation. The AirBnB we’re staying in is a shared home with our rooms and a living room on one side. The kids played a bit with one of the little girls that lives here. Jumping on the trampoline, meeting the horse, and playing on the swing set. Ty spent a few hours Black Friday shopping for his annual Talking with Ty Christmas Party. This was made much harder by the fact we have slow internet and the website wasn’t allowing the purchases to go through since we are out of the country. But after several hours on Skype with support he made about half of the purchases he needs. 🙄

About lunch time we finally left the house and made it to the South Bank of Brisbane. This area has neat shops, restaurants, theaters, museums, a walkway along the river, a lagoon, splash parks, playgrounds. We made it to the South Bank Parklands for a bit of fun first.


Then had some so-so lunch and went to the Queensland Museum.


After the Museum, which was free, we walked back and did the ultimate tourist trap, The Wheel of Brisbane. It was really pretty and a much loner ride than the one in Paris.

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Another thank you to Nana for buying the overly priced tourist photos! 😆

-After this it was rush hour so we tried to make our way out of the city as best we could. Made it home for leftovers and early to bed for everyone.

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