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Flying to Brisbane – For Real This Time

We woke up to the alarm at 7. Well everyone except Ty who was up since 3ish and went for a morning run. 🙄

Got everyone dressed and packed up. Nana reminded me that’d she’d purchased me a hard cider and her a beer last night but we’d never got around to enjoying them. Too exhausted and too late last night. Rather than let them go to waste we decided to enjoy them on the way to the airport. 😆

What can I say, we needed a bit of relief after the night before.

We got to the airport and found Helen. She was a miracle worker for us and got us on the next Virgin flight to Brisbane. No charge!!!!

I cant stress enough how kind everyone was to us throughout all of this! We were very lucky/blessed I believe that this occurred in the smaller airport of Cairns. Helen said this is a very rare occurrence and so everyone did their very best.

We made it onto the morning flight, all our seats were together and there were no issues. It couldn’t have been easier.

Landed in Brisbane, grabbed some food and our very expensive rental car. Drove through some very expensive tolls and are finally relaxing in our AirBnB our in the Brookfield country. They have cats, a dog, and a horse, to go with the pool and playset.

For those that may still be worried about L, he’s bounced back quickly. He was the only one that wanted a dip in the pool, in fact!

We did a brief run into town to get take away and groceries. Now the kids are in bed and Nana and I are enjoying some Australian wine. While Ty is working on his infamous Black Friday shopping spree.

It’s nice to have life back to its normal level of adventure and fun.

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