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Cairns Adventures – Day 6

We had plans for today and decided to scrap them. Today was a lazy morning and head to the pool kind of day. It was hot at 10am and the kids were practicing their diving. Beautiful, till L got mad and threw a tantrum. Then something upset R and she got fussy. So we scrapped the pool and dragged everyone back to the apartment. Delightful times with kids…

We spent the afternoon trying to force naps, giving up, listening to Paddington Bear on audiobook and the adults tried to relax.

After a few hours we decided it was time to get outside again so we dragged the kids to the local beach. Taking photos of this amazing tree along the way.

Why is there always one that doesn’t want to cooperate?!

We played at the beach for a few hours. Again amazing sand, and so smooth underfoot. Not a rock, seaweed, or unknown object anywhere. I loved it!

We ended the night with a late dinner of nachos and the dessert platter at Coco Mojo

A nice relaxing way to end our time at Clifton Beach. Off to Brisbane tomorrow!

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