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What happens on vacation…

Stays on vacation!

At least for us and electronics this mostly rings true. At home the kids don’t get iPad time. We don’t own a regular TV so it’s never on.

But when traveling the electronics are a bit of a free for all. When on the planes, go for it! If we’re are jet lagged, have been up since 5am and are trying to make it to a 6pm dinner. Sure have it for an hour.

We also deal with the repercussions of electronic hangovers with our kiddos though. They sometimes have a hard time letting gone when it’s time. They want to fuss, whine, and throw a fit, when not allowed to use them. So yes they can entertain themselves on electronics but then we may deal with the ugly side of their zombie electronic time. Good with the bad, and all that.

Our personal opinion isn’t that all electronics are bad. We just try and limit them to the right time, place, when and how much.

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