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L.A. Adventures – Day 2

I had to wake up early to take hubs to his conference. Left the kids with Nana so I was on my own for navigating back to the hotel. Thank goodness I’d done the drive three times by that point! 😆

We had a relaxing breakfast at the hotel and then finally made our way to the Santa Monica Pier. We had over 4 hours till our checkout time at the hotel. Which would normally be plenty of time right?! Not with LA traffic. It took us 2 hours to go 15 miles!!! Miserable. So we got to the Pier and had one hour to ride a ride per kid, grab some Carmel corn and race back to the car. And we were still late for our check out time. But it was worth it. Just wish we’d had more time at the Pier. Like to maybe walk the whole thing, even. L

< img src=”” height=”3024″ class=”wp-image-102″ width=”3024″><<<<<<<< ted a selfie 😉 R chose Nana to ride the roller coaster with her. Nana regretted that decision afterwards. And R proudly told me how she banged her head it was so rough! (Look for Nana’s pink shirt)

Linc chose the airplane ride, then got freaked out by the dragon boat ride that kept charging at them. 😆 Poor kid.

After packing up, we found a playground near the convention center and hung out for an hour while hubs finished up.

We loved the adult exercise equipment!

A quick dinner of In and Out by the airport and now we’re enjoying the lounge before starting our 14 Hour flight to Brisbane. Just keep telling ourselves it’s less than our 15 Hour flight last time. Thank goodness our kids are such seasoned travelers.

I think we’re all just ready to leave the LA smog and traffic behind and hit the pools and beaches!

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