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L.A. Adventures – Day 1

Oh LA I am not your biggest fan. There’s terrible smog, poverty, overwhelming population, hideous traffic, and everything seems way too spread out. But hey we were only here for two days so maybe I haven’t given it enough time! 😉

Husband was here for a conference before we head to Australia for two weeks. So I was the driver for my kids and my mom, who’s with us for the adventure. We arrived on Friday morning and drove straight downtown to drop the hubs off. Then it was up to Nana to navigate me to the hotel. 😬

After about 30 mins R was starting to feel carsick and I desperately needed a bathroom, so I finally find a gas station. We race in and it’s basically a garage with a pay booth attached but still I ask, do you have a bathroom?! The guy looks at us and says, well we’re not supposed to let anyone use it since we got robbed. But, you two look ok! Yes me and my six year old daughter, you gotta watch for us undercover criminals.

We the spent the morning at the pool before heading out for lunch. It was five minutes from the hotel and L of course fell asleep on the way.

At least lunch was good! We then decided to head to the Pacific Aquarium. Took us forever to get there, we finally get into the parking garage and it’s backed up to the first level! We start circling up each level behind everyone else. Miserable! After it takes us 15 minutes to go one level and not seeing a single open space we decided to bail on the Aquarium. Back towards the hotel to find a park, now both kiddos get a nap.

Yay for playgrounds while on vacation! Exercise for all.

Back to the hotel to relax and plug the kids in for a bit before we venture out into traffic again to get hubs. Two hours later, we finally get there 😡

All ideas of a nice dinner are out the window and all we want is to get back to the hotel and find the quickest dinner we can. #chickfilaforthewin

At least we all passed out by 9!

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