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Packing for Australia – Party of Four

So thankfully my husband loves a good flight deal. Which is how we find ourselves traveling to Australia twice in one year. #lucky #blessed Yes I totally acknowledge that.

But this time we’re taking a small flight on Tiger Air from Brisbane to Cairns. Thus providing the only restriction to our luggage. It would cost us $25 per bag per flight if we checked our bags. That’s at least $100! You can do a lot with $100 when you’re on vacation. Therefore, I’m now restricted to two suitcases less than 21x15x9 and less than 15 pounds per person.

This is how it’s going so far.

Three slim packing cubes

This includes one packing cube for each kids and all of our swim necessities. My Chaco sandals, a pair of my flip flops and my sons Chacos. So far our scale hits 16 pounds! Not awesome. Why are Chacos so heavy?!

So far the second suitcase only has my clothes in a loose compression sack. I have too much stuff for a packing cube. And the kids sun hats. We still need my husbands sandals, his clothes and the bathroom bag.


So you can see we’re a work in progress but if you want to pack for a family of four in less than 30 pounds, I’m here to say it can be done!

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